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With 10 beaches within 10 minutes drive, a world class 18 hole golf course and winery, fishing, diving, sailing, kayaking, dolphin encounters (and orcas if you are lucky) along with a host of other holiday activities, Doubtless Bay is a wonderful spot to visit and explore.

Doubtless Bay is believed to be the landing site of Kupe, the first man to set foot in New Zealand around 700 years ago. His Mamaru canoe landed at Taipa at the Southern end of the bay and his descendants eventually populated the entire region. By the 18th century when Captain James Cook arrived on 'Endeavour' there were an estimated 8,000 Maori and 54 pa. The sub-tropical temperatures and fertile land made it ideal for settlement.

Cook sailed past the bay in 1770 but did not enter it. He is said to have written "...doubtless a bay..." in his journal. Unbeknownst to Cook, a French ship the 'St Jean Baptiste' captained by Jean-Francois-Marie de Surville was at anchor in the bay at the same time, an incredible coincidence given that these were the first Europeans to visit New Zealand since Abel Tasman more than 100 years before. While Cook returned to Britain in triumph, Surville's ship was badly damaged and his crew afflicted with scurvy. He made for South America but drowned off the coast of Peru.

Today, Doubtless Bay and Tokerau Beach (an 18km stretch of white sand that spans the bay) are renowned as among the best snapper fishing grounds in New Zealand. The name Tokerau means 'many fishing grounds' and the area is also famous for hosting the world kite-fishing championships each November. The 2009 winning catch was a 10.3 snapper!



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